Eastern Automation has been a Baccara distributor for over 20 years. Operating for over 30 years as an Australian-owned company, Baccara has supplied the highest quality valves and equipment throughout Australia, New Zealand and the S.E. Asian Region through their widespread network of distributors and resellers.

Specialising in solenoid valves, switches (pressure, flow, temperature) and gauges, Baccara serve a range of industries including the Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Process and Industrial industries.

Here at Eastern Automation, we stock and supply a range of Baccara parts. Our technical team’s high level of product and industry knowledge, as well as years of experience working with Baccara parts, means that we are able to assist with all of your project needs and requirements.

Why we choose Baccara

Whilst Baccara stock a vast range of products in flow control, pressure control, temperature control, their range and stock of solenoid valves is superb.

Baccara products are also priced extremely well, paired with excellent availability.

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Eastern Automation can deliver dependable and high quality solutions to meet your standards as we partner with the support teams supplied by our manufacturers like Baccara. Contact our team today. 


• Solenoid Valves
• Pressure Switches
• Flow Switches
• Temperature Switches
• Gauges

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