Goldammer Regelungstechnik

For more than 34 years, Goldammer Regelungstechnik has developed, manufactured and sold a range of high-quality products for measurement and control technology.

Based in Germany, Goldammer specialises in level and temperature measurement, as well as indication. They produce a wide range of products including level gauges, temperature gauges, temperature capillary tube controllers, digital temperature displays, water detectors and level controllers.

Goldammer’s products are used worldwide and serve a variety of industries including the Mining, Oil & Gas, Defence, Power Gen, Paper, Steel and Water industries.

Eastern Automation are proud to be the exclusive Australian representatives for Goldammer. Our technical team are able to replace Goldammer parts throughout Australia. Goldammer products can also be Ex rated for use in explosive environments.

Why we choose Goldammer Regelungstechnik

Goldammer are recognised worldwide for their high-quality products that are easy to use.

They have also established themselves as an extremely dependable company as their measurements of fluid and temperature levels are extremely reliable.

Their float style level gauges are also highly commendable.

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• Level Gauges
• Temperature Gauges
• Temperature Capillary Tube Controllers
• Digital Temperature Displays
• Water Detectors
• Level Controllers

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