Cross Hydraulics

For over 45 years, Cross Hydraulics has been recognised for the service they provide to the hydraulics industry. They are an Australian owned and operated company, with offices located nationwide.

Cross Hydraulics specialises in the stock holding of various hydraulics components from around the world. More specifically, they produce a range of high quality parts including pumps, valves, motors, filters, power units and coolers.

Developing their knowledge in a number of industries including Agriculture, Truck & Trailer, Marine, Waste Equipment, Mining, Defence, Industrial and Construction, Cross Hydraulics work to streamline their production process, whilst also honouring their finished products.

Eastern Automation have worked alongside Cross Hydraulics for over 15 years. Our highly qualified technical team are able to exchange Cross parts and can also conduct repairs on the full product range.

Why we choose Cross Hydraulics

Cross Hydraulics hold a large variety of stock which is extremely advantageous when working to minimise downtime on current projects.

Eastern Automation has developed a strong relationship with Cross Hydraulics over the years as they deliver competitive pricing on products, paired with excellent availability.

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Eastern Automation join together with our manufacturers, including Cross Hydraulics, and their strong technical support to develop a range of high quality solutions to suit your individual requirements. Contact our team today. 


• Pumps
• Valves
• Motors
• Filters
• Power Units
• Coolers

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