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2000, 3000, 4000, 6000 Modular Combination FR&L Modular units available as EAC (FR,L), EAW (filter reg), EAR (regulator), EAL(lubricator), EAF (filters), EAFM (mist separator) & EAFD (micro mist separator). These units are available from 1/8" BSPT to 1" BSPT. All units will interchange with SMC. *Note: 6000 series "Nipple Type" only.

Combination FRL Units

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Micro Mist Separators

Mist Separators

Air Service
EAFF, EAM, EAMD & EAMH Series Main Line Filtration Main line filtration available form 1/4" BSPT to 2" BSPT. Available as mainline filter, mist separator & micro mist separator. Very high flow units suitable for mainline filtration.

Technical Details

Technical Details

Technical Details

Technical Details


Other Air Service Equipment Available From Eastern Automation For other information about Air Service Equipment not on this site please contact EA.

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