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Eastern Pneumatics + Hydraulics have implemented

the following quality policy.


Product Qualification

To document and test all products and materials to ensure our

customers receive the highest standard of products.


Workmanship Qualification

To ensure only trained/qualified personnel are allocated to any task

in which they are given and they adhere to our controlled processes.


Controlled Processes

To ensure our quality process is documented and covers all aspects of our business. This includes design, workmanship, product, customer support, financial management, human resources as well as staff wellbeing.


Risk Assessment & Control

To ensure that there is a formal process for hazard identification,

risk assessment and control to effectively manage hazards that

may occur within the workplace.


Procedure Manual

Documentation is the basis of any quality system and Eastern

Automation continually review our procedures and

add/update our procedure manual.



Quality Assurance is of prime importance to Eastern

Automation and our customers. We will continue to look at

ways to improve quality, documentation and performance.