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Our policy at Eastern Pneumatics + Hydraulics is to promote the welfare of the company’s employees, contractors, clients, visitors and the general public as a primary consideration

of all our activities. We shall conduct all business activities

in a safe and responsible manner and comply with all relevant OH&S legislation,

regulations and requirements.


Eastern Automation will take all reasonable and practical steps to improve

work safety conditions and will strive to achieve a goal of zero harm.


Eastern Automation are committed to


Compliance with applicable health and safety legislation and requirements.

Providing safe plant and equipment for controlled work.


Promote and continuously improve health and safety performance by implementing

risk management systems which are relevant and suitable for the organizations risk exposure.


Provision of appropriate Health and Safety Training to all employees.

We will implement a formal occupational health and safety management systems

that meets the requirements of Standard AS4801.


We will identify and manage our risks based upon Standard AS/NZS 4360.

Establishing clear targets and objectives on an annual basis to improve

health and safety in the workplace.


Ensuring all managers remain directly accountable for the health, safety and welfare of

their employees and provide adequate resources to assist managers in this cause.


Eastern Automation will implement and maintain these systems, inclusive of

standards, policies and procedures. These standards will be monitored

regularly to ensure their integrity and effectiveness.


Authorised by:


Craig Medhurst

Managing Director